Pazar is a home goods brand founded by Zehra Ece Çiper, based out of San Francisco, with roots in İstanbul and the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. 

We design and facilitate the production of artful everyday objects to be held onto, cherished, and handed down. 

With home and life as its wide umbrella, Pazar is a place where you can find an array of stuff including decorative pillows, table textiles, blankets, wooden toys and games, and handwoven rugs. Always made by hand, in small batches, with consideration for the current day and the future.


Pazar is a Turkish word that has two literal meanings: Sunday; and a marketplace, specifically, a weekly, outdoor, neighborhood market that supplies the basics–very much like a farmers market.

This name, with both of its meanings, captures the philosophy behind our work and the feeling we are hoping to share. Pazar Studio strives to create objects that embody the feeling of a slow Sunday: calm and rest, with a bit of joy and play. Our intention and hope is to contribute to casual moments of magic in your everyday life.

A Philosophy on Life, in Regards to Objects

Create a unique space that reflects you, and speaks to you. Surround your home and life slowly–curate it with carefully picked objects and use them frequently while you still love them. Have just enough stuff, so there’s more room to live. Save room for art. Remember that beauty is a function. Notice the little moments of beauty as you walk through your home. Buy things once, use them for life, hand them down to others to continue to be treasured.


Pazar's objects are produced in limited quantities and finish/color options.

We collaborate directly with everyone involved in the development and production of our offerings. From the small-scale makers and generational craftspeople that bring our designs to life, to manufacturers that provide our materials, we form relationships with the intention to grow together.

Design Principles

Purpose and Functionality

Our objects are meant to be used, and serve a purpose–they need to do a job, work well, be good to look at, and with care, have a long life.

Beauty, Joy, and Imagination

With each design we bring into the world, our goal is to provide comfort through simple beauty, offer a source of everyday joy, and inspire imagination in people of all ages.

Heritage and Sustainability

Pazar works with small-scale makers around Turkey, asking lots of questions about the materials we use, making sure we do as little damage to the environment as possible. We take our time with product development to make sure our quality is lasting. In our design, we strive to stay away from stylistic trends, with the hope that our offerings have a timeless attraction.