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Landscape Pillows

The Small Circle in Canvas

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The smallest shape in the Landscape Pillows family so far. The Small Circle is the closest one to a regular sized throw pillow.

This is a 13″ wide decorative pillowcase, tightly fitted with a custom pillow insert. 

Handmade in very small batches, in Istanbul

Color: Cream


13" × 13"


100% Cotton

100% Cotton shell, stuffed with polyester filling


• Imperfections due to the handmade nature of this item add to its unique personality and are celebrated.
• Our pillows come with a loosely attached brand tag, which can be easily snapped off once in your home.
• Your order with multiple pillows may ship in separate packages.

Maintenance and Care

• Machine wash cold
• Air dry
• Warm iron
• Do not bleach

• Machine wash cold
• Air dry
• Do not bleach or iron
• You may observe slight shrinkage after the first time you wash your insert. This is accounted for and will improve the fit and overall appearance of your pillow.

• In order to achieve optimal density and fluffiness, we made the Landscape Pillow inserts intentionally larger than their corresponding pillowcases. While stuffing your insert back into its pillowcase, pay attention to getting the edges aligned. Once your insert is back in its cover and zipped up, fluff it vigorously by beating it on a soft surface.